Privacy Policy

Long story short!

We don’t collect anything personal, and the advertisers are only there to help pay some hosting costs.  They use cookies and shit that help them target what to show you.  This is nothing new and like every site out there has it. We value privacy and don’t want any of your personal information and shit in any way, shape or form. Have a nice day!

What personal information does collect?

If you leave a comment, we will have your email address if, of course, you left a real email address LOL.  Other than your IP address, there is no actual personal identifying information that we collect unless you decide to give it to us.  If you want to comment and use a real name power to you but I assume all names used in the comments will be fake.

What non-personal information does collect?

When you visit, we collect some basic information that does not identify individual users. This includes which pages are visited, which advertisements are viewed, and any feedback from our visitors.  Boring stuff really.